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NDBA: Your Voice for Archery In North Dakota

The NDBA is a group of dedicated archers working to improve and protect the rights and privileges of Bowhunters and to promote and expand the sport of archery.


For over 60 years, the NDBA has been dedicated to

Preserving, Protecting and Promoting

your archery and bowhunting opportunities in North Dakota!


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Join your fellow NDBA members for a fantastic evening celebrating Archery, hosted by the Red River Archers, in Grand Forks on March 30, 2019

2019 NDBA Convention - Flyer

Guest Speaker -  Joel Turner

Joel shot his first bow at the age of seven. From the first time he saw the spinning flight of the arrow, he was completely immersed. Archery became his life. However, by the age of eight, target panic had engulfed him. This frustration carried all the way through to his adult life. He read everything, tried everything, hoping for that magic method to cure him of this ailment. It wasn’t until he began the analysis process of his firearms shot that he realized there is no method out there that will work for him, he had to work for it, but he didn’t know HOW to do the work. Research into his many failures and his few successes began the workings of the blueprint to control. Once he realized the two facts that target panic is the mind’s natural path of efficiency and the core problem of the shooting mind is preignition movements, he was able to develop the system of Controlled Process Shooting. More importantly, he was able to present a system of instruction that conveyed this message in common sense terms.


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matlabas    Once again, Willem and Flippie Frost of Matlabas Game Hunters have offered a great opportunity for NDBA members! Many of our NDBA members have taken advantage of this opportunity and had their hunt of a lifetime!

Find the details of the 2019 donation here...

Matlabas Game Hunters

This will be available during the live auction at our NDBA Banquet which will be held in Grand Forks, ND on March 30, 2019



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Our part in getting this project "on the road" is complete! The plates look great and we hope many more of our members will choose to display them!


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