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News from the NDBA Tournament Director

NDBA Members 

As most of you know this last year was a challenge with the Covid 19 virus and the way we conducted our state tournament events. Last spring the indoor 3-D, 300 round, and banquet were cancelled due to restrictions from Covid 19.  During that time the NDBA Board of Directors had to make the difficult decisions as to how and when to move forward with these events. Those events were not able to be rescheduled , but by June and July local clubs were able to host the outdoor 3-D in Center,ND and the state 900 and field rounds hosted by Souris Valley Bowmen in Minot. With only 3 of the 5 state events in 2020 being held, the competitive archer of the year award will be based on those 3 events for the year 2020. I greatly appreciate the clubs for hosting these events under unpredictable circumstances.

 The events of 2020 have caused the NDBA board to navigate the upcoming tournament season in a different way. A tournament committee was formed and have brought on some new ideas going forward into the 2021 season. The NDBA Board has approved, on a trial basis, a new look to the state events in 2021. As the tournament director I am excited to see how this new approach will be received by the membership. 

 The new approach to the 2021 state tournaments will consist of 6 state events; including a Vegas round, NFAA 300 round, Indoor 3-D, Outdoor 3-D, 900 and Field round. The Vegas round is a new state event for 2021. These 6 events will require pre-registration and participants will be given options to choose the time that fits them the best and consideration will also be given to participants who would like to shoot alongside a family member. Family groups will be flighted with others archers to create an impartial group. 

 You will notice that the line times available will be shortened to 1 day for competitive participation; therefore, allowing the results to be tabulated in a much faster time frame and in a structured competitive environment.  By doing this it also allows the host club to continue open registration for others that do not wish to compete in the state event. 

 The 2021 NDBA convention will be hosted by the Roughrider Archers in Dickinson. It is anticipated that this will be a great weekend of archery and gathering with other Bowhunters to include the NDBA general membership meeting, NDBA Foundation event, Roughrider archers indoor 3-D shoot, and NDBA banquet. 

 I look forward to seeing you all at these upcoming events and encourage you to check NDBA website (ndbowhunters.org) and Facebook page for more information and list of events.


Jesse Carter

NDBA Tournament Director