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NASP needs help finding an outfitter!

The North Dakota NASP program has been the first state in the nation to give away a hunt as part of its state tournament.  Tangle Ridge Outfitters from Greybull, WY made that happen for us.  They were a great partner for us but now they only have land in units that take multiple years to draw.  We need an outfitter that can do an over the counter tag.

"We like the antelope hunt because it requires less equipment and know how than many other hunts along with the fact that antelope don’t reside where most of our NASP schools are which makes that animal more of a novelty.  We also like that antelope season opens in many cases before school starts for these kids.  Sitting in a blind seems to be a good hunt for a first time hunter if that’s what we have."

"We have also considered a bowfishing trip.  I have never done that but it fits with our program and maybe it is something we can rotate in with the antelope hunt to keep things fresh."  

NASP is asking:

Do you know an outfitter for either hunt that you have experience with that can do a good job with a new hunter?  Someone kid and family friendly.  Someone within an easy day’s drive of ND.  Someone who is a solid professional that that can provide a good all around experience for a new hunter.

Significant effort is put into incentivizing the students in the NASP program to keep shooting.  The state championship is the biggest prize.  When a shooter wins the state championship, he or she gets a new bow built in a color that is not for sale.  Everyone will know that the shooter of that bow won a state tournament.  Also, the winner gets a custom made jacket signifying that they are the state champ in his or her division.  In North Dakota we also give away in excess of S$20,000 in scholarships every year to place winners.  It is a huge prize that not every state does but we have always been able to do here.

 Finally, we have given away an all expense paid guided antelope hunt complete with taxidermy, food, lodging, and meat cutting.  We were the first in the nation to do it and a few states have followed suit.  I have been amazed at how many students want this prize worse than the others.  It gets hunting into their conversations and into their long term goals.  It has been a great tool for keeping shooters in the program into their high school years when they have so many other choices. 

If you can help, please let me know as soon as possible.  The tournament is coming soon so I would like to contact some outfitters as soon as possible.  Thank you for your effort!


Nathan Neameyer