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Nishu Bowmen cancel the NDBA

To further the North Dakota Bowhunters Association’s mission to Preserve, Protect and Promote Archery and Bowhunting in North Dakota, the NDBA offers a Chartered Club – NDBA joint membership program which offers a reduced membership to participating club members. All members of a chartered club must participate.

This program has been very beneficial for the NDBA and its voice for Bowhunters in North Dakota. Since 2019, several clubs have taken advantage of this program, increasing the NDBA membership and further strengthening the NDBA Voice!

Recently, following accusations of inappropriate comments to one of the NIshu Bowmen Board members (Bismarck), which were made during the NDBA 2021 Rendezvous, the Nishu board has spoken for its membership and has reconsidered their posistion with this beneficial program. Subsequently, the Nishu Bowmen have canceled their involvement with the Joint Membership program. Nishu members can retain and continue their NDBA memberships at the regular rate.

Follow up comments from the Nishu Bowmen President have not been received.