Learn more about archery and bowhunting through educational courses.

Bowhunter Education Course Description

This course is a combination of the standardized NBEF online training and a 4 hour field day where students must pass a course taught by certified archery instructors. The 4 hour field day must be completed within 1 year of completing the online class.

The online bowhunter safety course covers all the information needed to pass a final bowhunter education exam. The course can be taken on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Using interactive animations and realistic illustrations, the course covers:

  • How to safely hunt from tree stands
  • How to judge distances
  • Which arrows and points to select
  • Correct shot placement, and more

Upon completing the course, students are issued an "Archery Field Training Voucher," which is required to attend the final field day portion.

The North Dakota Bowhunters Association, in cooperation with the Game and Fish Department, will provide trained instructors and field days throughout the year. However, the number of field days and locations may be minimal. Therefore, patience and good planning will be required.

Who Should Take This Class?

North Dakota does not require any formal archery training for hunters to purchase an archery license and hunt in the state (though all hunters age 12 and over are required to have a hunter education certificate to purchase a license). As archery activity increases, the number of hunters going out-of-state to bow hunt increases.

Some states require that anyone hunting with a bow in their state have formal archery training. States that do require this training have adopted the standardized curriculum offered by the National Bowhunters Education Foundation.

The Game and Fish Department makes this online course available for use by groups and individuals to learn important archery safety concepts.


Online Course

There is a $30 course fee which is paid upon passing the online exam. The “Archery Field Training Voucher” is available to print upon successful completion of the exam and payment.

Field Day Courses

The “Archery Field Training Voucher” is required to attend the Field Day Course.

Find the Field Day schedule on the North Dakota Game & Fish website.

To enroll in a class, go to the hunter education section of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s online services website. Look for the title “Archery”.