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2020 NDBA Outdoor 3D State Championship

The 2020 NDBA Outdoor 3D State Championship will be hosted by the Oliver County Archer - Center, ND

Location - Outdoor Gun / Archery Range - 4.5 miles south and 1/2 mile west of Center - Watch for signs

Shooting Times-

Friday, June 19 - Noon to 8pm

Saturday, June 20 - 8am to 8pm

Sunday, June 21 - 8am to 2pm

Shooting Fees - 

1st Round and non-competitive             

Adult and Young Adult - $20                   

Youth and Cub - $10                                    

2nd Round

Adult and Young Adult - $10                   

Youth and Cub - $5        

Open shooting times with an impartial shooter will be used

All NDBA Tournament rules shall apply

......Primitive Camping on site

Camping spots with electric hookups available in city park. Call 794-3502 for reservations ASAP!

…...Concessions available all 3 days - Flieschkukle and fries on Saturday 4 - 8 PM

…...For more info - Stacy @ 701-226-1860    or    Eric @ 701-794-3741

Covid - 19

The host club has the authority to handle registration as they see fit to maintain social distancing while registering and turning in scorecards. We encourage all archers who choose to participate in these events to take any necessary precautions to protect themselves at these events (masks or gloves). Along with that the NDBA will be temporarily be suspending the impartial shooter guideline for these state events. It is my opinion that if a group of archers or a family can travel to the venue together can shoot the course together. Double scoring will still be enforced and strongly encourage competitive archers to print and sign on the scorecards. By listing the archers on the back of the card it will allow tournament officials to follow up with the group if any issues arise. A range official or tournament official will be on hand and may do random checks of any groups for scoring accuracy. 

We look forward to getting back out on the courses and encourage each participant to evaluate their own health and safety personal protective equipment while attending these events.