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ND Game & Fish at the State Fair!

Its that time of year again to sign up for the fair.  If you have not previously volunteered, we operate a little outdoor themed park at the ND State Fair which includes archery, fishing, bb-guns and a trapping demonstration area.  We try staff the archery area with certified instructors and can always use more help in the archery booth!   

 In exchange for a 6 hour shift we provide meals, mileage and gate passes along with a hotel room for those traveling a distance greater than 60 miles and working at least 2 days.  If you work three days you get 2 nights at the hotel.   

 We are open every day of the fair: July 22nd-30th and the shift is 1:00pm-7:00pm. 

See the Sign up sheet  ......HERE!

Its actually a lot of fun, in fact many people turn this into a mini family vacation, so if you plan to bring family along be sure to let us know so we can set you up in a room with 2 beds. They can also bring in a roll away upon request.   

 Jeffrey Long

Outdoor Education Project Administrator

 701.328.6322          jrlong@nd.gov