Hall of Fame

Name City Year
*Iner Skari Watford City 1986
*Vern Benth Williston 1987
Scott Lang Bismarck 1987
*Warren Buss Fargo 1988
*Dennis Schneider Bismarck 1988
*Paul Shannon Bismarck 1989
Jeff Grewe Fargo 1996
Kay Lang Bismarck 1998
Kevin Lech Mandan 2000
Ron Borgeson Williston 2001
*Dr. Harry Wheeler Mandan 2001
Howell Flowers Hazen 2002
Craig Richardson Williston 2003
Paul Speral Fargo 2007
Steve Rehak Williston 2013
DuWayne Larson Minot 2014
Kent Reierson Williston 2015
Bill Helphrey Bismarck 2016
Tim Finley Oberon 2019
Scott Rehak Williston 2021
Darrell Belisle Turtle Lake 2022
Stacey & Ann Vojacek Center 2024

* denotes the person is deceased.

Nomination Regulations

Below are the regulations for nominating a person into the NDBA Hall of Fame:

  • Minimum of 10 years in archery along with being a NDBA member for at least 10 years (This does not have to be consecutive)
  • Recognized as being involved in local and state functions above and beyond the normal
  • Helped promote archery (target and/or bowhunting)
  • Will have devoted countless hours of their time to the betterment of archery without monetary reward
  • This will be given to a person who, through many years, has a list of accomplishments that is recognized as outstanding in the sport of archery
  • More than one person can be entered into the Hall of Fame at a time
  • The person or persons resume' shall be given in writing
  • Nominee will be submitted to past HOF members at their last known address or e-mail address and nominee must receive an approval vote of at least 80% of the responsive HOF members returned within 10 days of the notice
  • If Nominee receives the necessary approval of the HOF members as set forth above, then the NDBA Board of Directors must approve the Nominee with a simple majority vote which may be cast by mail or e-mail within 5 days of the electronic notice sent to the Board of Directors
  • If the Nominee does not receive the necessary approval of the HOF members or of the NDBA Board of Directors the nomination is deemed denied and the Nominee is eligible to be re-nominated
  • The Nominee shall be entered into the Hall of Fame at the next annual NDBA Banquet
  • The display of the Hall of Fame plaques shall be displayed at the North Dakota Hall of Fame Headquarters or at a location picked by the Board of Directors
  • General membership shall send nominations to the secretary at least 45 days prior to the annual NDBA meeting

Please send nominations to:

NDBA Hall of Fame
PO Box 374
Bismarck, ND 58502

Nominations must be received by December 31st of each year.