NDBA offers many activities for youth, including youth shooting events, tournaments, and grants to NASP, 4-H, and other events. If you have any youth events to post please contact us with the information.

NDBA Scholarship Program

How may I become eligible for the NDBA Scholarship?

  • All applicants must be at least seniors in high school or enrolled in an institution of higher education.
  • All applicants must be current members of the NDBA and have been for at least (2) years.

How many scholarships will be given each year and the dollar amount?

There will be (1) $500 scholarship awarded each year at the annual banquet.

Will the scholarship be given to the person finishing high school or semester with the best grade average?

Scholastic achievements are not the main requirement, but will be weighed in its proper balance during the selection process.

How may I apply for the NDBA Scholarship?

If you meet the qualifications above, find the application, on this page, and mail it to:

North Dakota Bowhunters Association
PO Box 374
Bismarck, ND 58502

All applications must be postmarked by February 15th to be considered for the fall semester of the same year.

If I am selected to receive the NDBA Scholarship when and how will I receive it?

If the winner is not present during the presentation at the annual banquet, he or she will receive a confirmation letter by May 1st. During August of said year, the NDBA will forward the award in the form of a check to the cashier of the institute of higher education of the recipient’s choice for deposit to the student’s financial account to be used as the student sees fit. If you decide not to attend an institution of higher education, the amount will be returned to the NDBA Scholarship Program.


National Archery in the Schools Program

National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is a two-week physical education program designed to teach the fundamentals of archery in grades 4–12. Archery is a completely safe activity where girls, boys, athletes, and non-athletes all compete on a level playing field. The program can be taught indoors or outdoors, and it can be translated into compelling subject matter for math, science, and history teachers. Many schools have also started after-school and summer programs and formed teams which compete in local, state, and national tournaments. In just a few short years, NASP has spread throughout the country into 47 states, and schools involved in the program have documented an increase in attendance, heightened self-esteem, and improved academic performance when the program is offered.

The cost of the start-up kit is approximately $3,000 and includes 12 compound bows, arrows, targets, safety net, arrow holders, bow holders, and personal safety equipment. The bows were designed by a leading archery manufacturer specifically for this program to be used by students of all sizes with no adjustments.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department supports this program, and it offers grants to get your school started. Additional financial assistance may be available through local wildlife organizations or national conservation organizations.

View the Assessing and Evaluating the National Archery in the Schools Program report (PDF, 879.30 KB) for benefits of hosting the program in your area.

Grants to Get Your School Started

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department continues to offer grants to schools interested in participating in NASP.

For more information on the program or for additional fund raising options, contact Jeff Long, state NASP coordinator at (701) 328-6322.



The NDBA is very excited about the future of archery in North Dakota! All of this new excitement is due to the success of the ND - National Archery in the Schools Program.

The NDBA would like to offer a 1 year free membership to all of the instructors and students who are participating in the NASP. You will receive your NDBA membership card, a NDBA deca,l and an email verison of the NDBA publication, the “Archers Voice”.

Instructors, please download the NASP membership application (PDF, 467.50 KB), and thank you for all you do to make NASP the huge success it is!