State Guidelines

You can download the state guidelines document (PDF, 483.60 KB) to read the full details.

Main Requirements

You must have on file with the NDBA State Tournament Director a written bid (application) to host a State Championship. It should include dates, location, rounds to be held, and the name, address, and phone number of the host club tournament director as a contact person. The Area Tournament Representative or his/her alternate for the host club shall act as liaison between the club and the State Tournament Director.

You must be a NDBA and a NFAA chartered club in current standing: that means paid up, and carry NFAA liability insurance or similar liability coverage. You must have an NFAA-rated Two Star or better range if hosting the 300 or Field Round Championship and a current NFAA Constitution and By-Laws handbook, which is available from the National Field Archery Association.

The State Indoor Tournament must not coincide with the NFAA National Indoor Tournament.

Primary Tournament Requirements

At least 30 days prior to any State tournament contact the State NFAA Director to set up a time for a safety inspection (all shooting ranges being used for the tournaments must be inspected).

Competitive Structure for the State Tournaments

  • 3-D Competitive Archer: Must be a current NDBA member to compete and to be eligible for State awards. NFAA/NDBA Divisions & Styles will be used as listed in this guide or in the NFAA Consitution & Bylaws.
  • 300 & Field Round Competitive Archer: Must be a current NFAA & NDBA member to compete and to be eligible for State awards. NFAA/NDBA Divisions & Styles will be used.
  • Non-Competitive Archer: Not required to be a current NDBA or NFAA member to compete. Not eligible for any State awards. Registration fee maybe slightly lower than the Competitive Archer. No divisions or styles.
  • The NDBA per shooter fee still applies to both Competitive and Non-Competitive Archers. Contact the State Tournament Director for the applicable shooting fees and the current NDBA per shooter fee.

Know how to set up, run, and interpret the rules governing the tournament being hosted. The following NFAA/NDBA Divisions & Styles must be recognized for all State Tournaments - Indoor 300, Indoor 3D, Field Round, 900 Round & Outdoor 3D.

Male & Female Competitive Archers of the Year

The Competitive Archers of the Year Awards were created in 1995 to recognize the individuals who show the utmost dedication to the sport of competitive archery. To determine the male and female “Competitive Archers of the Year”, we use a point system that would allow every archer a chance to win, even if they did not place 1st in their division. It is set up so that if you attend a state tournament, compete, and turn in a score you will receive 1 point. Depending on how you place in your respective division, you would then receive points 1 through 10. This would create a maximum of 11 points possible for each state event, if there were 10 or more archers competing in your division. This would make a possible total score of 55 points (Indoor 300, Indoor 3D, Field Round, 900 Round, and Outdoor 3D).